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Stump on green grass in the garden

Professional stump grinding services in the North East

Troublesome stumps in your garden? Contact David Scott Tree Surgery & Landscaping in Peterlee for effective, affordable tree stump removal services.

Comprehensive solutions for homes and business

As well as being unsightly a tree stump can be a major nuisance, especially if you want to complete any renovations to your garden. If they are diseased, they can also affect the health of other nearby trees and plant life. Count on the experts at David Scott Tree Surgery & Landscaping to clear your stubborn stumps, leaving your garden ready for further work.

Utilising heavy-duty grinding equipment, we grind away at the main body of the tree stump, transforming it into a pile of wood chips and dust which can be easily removed. Our equipment ensures a prompt removal, with minimal ground disturbance.

With more than 30 years’ experience and the right tools for the job, our experts can take on any sized tree stump in Peterlee, Seaham, Durham, Washington and beyond. You can also come to use for general tree care and maintenance.

Stump grinding machine in action
Tree stump in the park. Shape of the heart

What are the benefits of tree stump grinding?

•    It can improve the look of your garden
•    Makes it much easier to cut your grass
•    Clears the way for further garden renovations
•    Effective plant disease control
•    Lower effort compared to other methods (e.g. trying to dig it out)

Benefit from our convenient booking slots

With availability 7 days a week, our experts are more than happy to fit you in when it suits you best. Whether that’s on your day off, at the weekend, or when your business is closed, David Scott Tree Surgery & Landscaping is more than happy to work around your other commitments. 

stump on the green grass in the forest

To book our tree stump removal services, call our team now on 07846 745041

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